Picking up on the momentum created by Live at the Lakeside all summer, the Cochrane Public Library and Tim Horton Event Centre are planning regular winter events at the Commando Pavilion.

The library’s program coordinator, Ardis Proulx Chedore, says Community Café will showcase talents in the performing and visual arts – things like music, dance  even an artist demonstrating how they do what they do.

“But we’re really trying to centralize it around literacy, which can be anything,” says Proulx Chedore. “Literacy is an element in everything that you do.  Obviously, when you’re performing a play, you’re reading, you’re learning your lines.  When you’re doing any kind of music, you’re reading the sheet music.  So it’s very much all tied together.”

The café will be monthly, starting November 6th at 6:00pm.

“We’ll have a line-up of all the dates very shortly,” Proulx Chedore adds. “We’re just getting everything organized for the first one and I’ve got a little bit of time because it’s in November, but not much, so anyone who’s interested in participating, showcasing, even reading a short story even, they are more than welcome to give me a call or email me.”

Ardis Proulx Chedore
(Bob McIntyre, MyCochraneNow.com staff)



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