Someone is going to walk away from this weekend’s Catch the Ace draw in Iroquois Falls with a cheque for a lot of money.

“We’re expecting around 48 to 49-thousand (dollars).  The way that ticket sales have been going, it’s been crazy,” according to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 70 president Don Beagan.

Tickets will be drawn until the ace of spades shows up, because the licence for Catch the Ace caps it at $50,000.

“People are lined up in the businesses that are selling in town and here at the Legion,” comments Beagan. “Can’t keep up.”

One thing you can bet on:  the Legion will do it all again.

“We have our licence and we’re ready to go,” Beagan says.

My Cochrane Now Dot Com: “When will that one start?”

Beagan: “We anticipate right away.”

All the money raised goes to charitable causes in Iroquois Falls.

The upstairs hall opens on Saturday at 3:00pm with live music and an open bar.  The draw is set for 6:00pm..