Armed with lab analysis confirming that what they seized in July in a series of drug raids is carfentanyl, Timmins Police have issued a public safety advisory covering the city and neighbouring communities.

Communications coordinator Marc Depatie notes that carfentanyl is one of the most deadly opioids, and taking the smallest amount is risky.

“No doubt it’s a reasonable conclusion that if it’s on the streets of Timmins, then it has made its way beyond those borders and in other communities outside the city of Timmins,” Depatie remarks.

“The nature of drug trafficking is you go where the market is,” he continues. “So it’s reasonable to expect that this particular substance may be on he market, that is the black market, for persons to indulge in purchasing and using.  So they should be mindful of the threat that is attached to that type of activity.”

Carfentanyl can be fatal within seconds, unless the user is with someone who recognizes what’s going on and administers naloxone

Several people were charged with drug and drug-trafficking offences during those raids on July 18th.