The co-chairs of fundraising for redevelopment of the South Centennial Manor long term care facility in Iroquois Falls say an open meeting in June cleared up a lot of misconceptions about the project.

Suzanne deLaplante and Gilles Forget say administration at the MICS group of hospitals, along with the architect, discussed advantages and complications to building either on the existing site, or behind Anson General Hospital.

Fundraising activities pull in about a hundred-thousand dollars a year.  deLaplante says that because the province doesn’t pony up any money until construction is complete… local funds plus a bank loan are needed.

“So if it’s a two-year project, you’ve got to pay for two years all these contractors, right?” she remarks. “Plus your interest on the loan. And then, once it’s open, the ministry pays about 70, maybe I think 70% right now, it could be 75.”

deLaplante notes that if the total project cost is $16-million, at least $4-million  must be raised locally.

So the pressure is on. Forget says part of it  comes from the existing Manor being classified a B-class facility, closer to a C.

“I think the province is mandating that by 2024-25, they should be all A facilities,” he points out. “So they’re (the Manor) being called or ticketed if you wish on certain items because they’re not up to par yet.”

Current fundraisers are a Boxing Day draw for a $5,000 travel voucher and a joint venture with Access Transit and the arts council on a dinner theatre next month.