A single $2.00 ticket could end up winning its owner $30,000 tomorrow night in Iroquois Falls, at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 70’s Catch the Ace draw.

President Don Beagan says the jackpot has been accumulating for almost a year.

“There’s nine draws left out of 52,” he remarks, “so it’s been going on for 43 weeks.”

The lucky ticket holder will choose an envelope.  If that envelope has an ace of spades in it… jackpot!

“Right now, it’s standing at $27,767.80,” says Beagan, “but then you’ve got to take in that 30% of the progressive sales that we take in this week, we’re assuming that it’s going to hit over $30,000.”

If it’s not the ace, the ticket holder gets 20% of the jackpot amount – not a bad return on investment, either.

Beagan says the proceeds are used for community work.

 “All the money goes out to charitable organizations and what not.”

My Cochrane Now Dot Com:  “This money doesn’t go into operations of the Legion itself?”

Beagan:  “Not at all.”

Tomorrow’s Catch the Ace draw will be livestreamed on Facebook at 6:00pm.