If you decide to have a camp fire this weekend, you’ll need to be a little extra careful.

That’s because the forest fire hazard in our region is high.

Ministry if Natural Resources and Forestry Fire Information Officer Isabelle Chenard suggests keeping a few things in mind while building AND extinguishing your camp fire:

“make sure you put out your camp fire prior to leaving the area. Also remember to build your camp fire on bare soil or rock and an area sheltered from the wind and located about three meters from flammable material. Keep that fire small and make sure you soak it with water to put it out, stir the ashes and add more water to be on the safe side.”

But what can you do if you see one already burning?

Chenard says you can help with that:

“If you’re out and about and you notice smoke or flames, please report fires by dialing 310-fire (3473), if you are venturing south of the French and MAttaway rivers this weekend and you need to report a fire please dial 9-1-1.”

Right now there are 3 fires burning in the Timmins District:

  • Timmins 13 is 0.4 hectors in size and is “under control”. It’s been burning since August 12th
  • Timmins 15 is 0.6 hectors in size and is “not under control”. It’s been burning since August 15th
  • Cochrane 10 is 317 hectors in size and is “being observed” to allow for natural benefit to the landscape. It’s been burning since July 4th