Art and artists are being sought by the Cochrane Public Library to display in its gallery in 2020.

Program coordinator Ardis Proulx Chedore says there are spots available for January, February, July, August, October and November.

And by “art” she means painting, photography, sculpture or any other medium.

“It’s pretty much wide open,” she explains.  “So anyone who’s interested, they can just come and grab a form or they can go to our website and they can apply to have an exhibit.”

The rules for content are pretty lax.  Because the gallery is in its own room, something that might not be suited for young eyes is usually okay.

“We do have display cabinets which has a little bit more of a strict criteria because they’re right directly in the family area,” says Proulx Chedore.  “But we’re a little bit more open because there are interpretive pieces that are in the art gallery from time to time so you do have a little bit of freedom there.”

The deadline to apply to be an exhibitor is December 1st, unless all the spots fill up before then. Click here to reach the library website.