Your back-to-school check list should include making sure your child’s vaccinations are all up to date, or their school year might be a short one.

Courtney Langlois is a public health nurse with the Porcupine Health Unit.  She reminds us that all school-aged kids either need to be properly vaccinated or have a valid exemption.

“In order for these students to attend school, either one of these things has to be fulfilled,” she explains.  “If there’s no immunizations on file or no valid exemptions, they do risk being suspended from school.”

You can get their shots or a record of them from your doctor, nurse practitioner or the health unit itself.

You can double check your child’s status by going to the health unit web site, and using the “ICON” app,  for “Immunization Connect Ontario”.

“People can actually submit immunization through ICON as well,” Langlois outlines.  “So if you had your child immunized at a family doctor and you would like to submit that immunization through ICON, you can do that.  Doctors’ offices should be reporting to us immunizations that students receive, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen.”

French Catholic schools begin the 2019-2020 school year the last week of August.  The rest start classes after Labour Day.