Don’t expect the Boost our Igloo group in Iroquois Falls to go away, just because the Cochrane Crunch junior-A hockey team decided not to move to the Falls.

Chairman Rick Charlebois says you have to put things into perspective.  Three weeks ago, his group was told a move by the Crunch was possible, but not a done deal.

“We’ve done very well and we’ve had some excellent support,” he remarks.  “We’re going to keep chasing what it is that we want to bring to Iroquois Falls.  If it takes a little longer, so be it.”

Charlebois is impressed with the amount of corporate support Boost our Igloo picked up… while there was potential for the Crunch to move to the Jus Jordan Arena.

He congratulates Crunch owner Ryan Leonard on attracting enough billets to keep the team in Cochrane.

“I think that the efforts that we did in Iroquois Falls perhaps woke up a little bit of the community of Cochrane to say hey, we could lose this,” Charlebois observes.  “And Iroquois Falls knows full well what loss is, in regards to Junior-A hockey clubs.”

In recent years, one Iroquois Falls-based team moved to Timmins to become the Rock… and a second went to Hearst, where it is now the Lumberjacks.