The brand new People’s Party of Canada has its first ever election candidate in Timmins-James Bay.

The party was founded last fall by former Conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier.  Iroquois Falls native Renaud Roy, 55, is carrying its banner against incumbent New Democratic MP Charlie Angus.

Roy – who does maintenance on seniors’ buildings for the Social Services Administration Board – says his issues are gun control; economic development by reducing corporate and business taxes to ten percent; and a smaller, less micro-managing government.

Renaud Roy
(supplied by Renaud Roy)

“Surveys have been saying that a very big portion of Canadians are now open to having a different option that the traditional Liberal, Conservative, NDP option,” he states.

Roy gives Angus full credit for what he’s done over 15 years… but says it’s time for a change.

He points out that in the 2015 election, only 61 percent of voters in the riding actually voted.

“So obviously there’s a disconnect there,” he says.  Either they don’t believe that what those parties have to offer is worth pursuing or they’re looking for something different, somebody with a different message.”

More information can be found on Roy’s Facebook page.