There’s a hopeful sign to report from the forest fire that’s been burning near Gogama for more than two weeks:  It’s holding at 4,645 hectares and has been upgraded from “not under control” to “being held”.

For a definition of “being held”, we turn to MNRF forest fire information officer Isabelle Chenard:

“Sufficient suppression action has been taken, so that the fire’s not likely to spread beyond existent or predetermined control boundaries under prevailing or forecasted conditions.”

Four-person crews are identifying hot spots and patrolling the perimeter of the fire – the only active one in the Northeast region.

Chenard says with the lack of rain the last little while the forest fire hazard is high in most of the Northeast.

“So we’re asking the public to be vigilant with campfires,” she adds.  “So make sure that you don’t leave it unattended and that you’re putting out your campfire before you walk away.”