The first year of classes has ended in the new Integrated Emergency Services Complex at the Northern College Timmins campus. College president Fred Gibbons says that this week, the board of governors unveiled a plaque at the complex.

“What it does is it recognizes not only the contribution of members of the board of governors with respect of the leadership and the division,” he explains, “and I guess perseverance, because this was a project about 15 years in the making.”

File photo of the integrated emergency complex.
(Supplied by Northern College)

Firefighters, paramedics and police officers are housed in the building, along with students in those respective programs.

“In the non-scheduled class time,” the president says, “they have the opportunity to mix with professionals in their field and through those informal kinds of discussions, there’s a lot of learning that takes place, as well as it gives them an opportunity to bounce theory that they’ve learned in the classroom with real life experience if you will.”

The complex officially opened last October.