Crowdfunding has started for the third children’s book written by Jorey Tessier, who originally hails from Iroquois Falls.

The first two books were part of an eventual nine-part series called “Dream Big”.

Tessier says the third one is a break from the series, called “Stop Running Away from Fear”. It should be published in December.

“It has everything to do with fear,” Tessier explains, “where it comes from and why we need to face fear head-on, rather than just run from it.”

Jorey Tessier
(Supplied by Jorey Tessier)

The 26-year-old author says he got into writing kids’ books after university, rather than going to teachers college, figuring the books would get him into more schools.

As with the first two books, this one is illustrated by veteran  Disney artist Shawn Colbeck.

“We sit down and we kind of just rough sketch everything together,” Tessier outlines, “and then he takes it from there and obviously makes it ten times better.”

Follow this link to find out how to participate in crowdfunding “Stop Running Away from Fear”