As far back as most of us can remember, there’s been an around-the-lake swim in Cochrane every year.

Community services director Jason Boyer says it’s back, on Canada Day.

“This will be the 65th annual,” he boasts.

The event isn’t for the faint of heart, but Boyer says swimmers line up to do a lap around Lake Commando.

“We get some participation from locals, some that are in it every year,” he relates, “ and then we even have some newbies every year coming up from the youth rankings and testing their skills out as well.”

There is no lower age limit, as long as the participants are good enough swimmers.

“I think we had an 8, 9 year-old do the lake last year, which was pretty incredible and our lifeguards are out there to make sure it’s a safe event for everybody.”

That’s just one of the Canada Day events centered around the Lake Commando Pavilion.

My Cochrane Now Dot Com will have more details on Tuesday.