There’s a new name and a new route for the annual Alzheimer’s Walk in Cochrane this year.

Organizer Yvette Larabee says it’s now called “Anything for Alzheimer’s”, and if you want to participate by taking the traditional walk around Lake Commando, that’s fine.

“I love the boardwalk,” says Larabee. “ So I thought a nice walk around there.  The scenery is quite lovely.  And go on Sixth Avenue.  It’s a nice walk”

The event goes on Thursday, June 6th,  starting at 4:00pm at the Commando Pavilion.  It’s followed by a barbecue courtesy of a long list of community sponsors.

Google “Anything for Alzheimer’s” for more details.

Larabie says as much as it’s a fundraiser, the walk is an awareness raiser.  She knows from having a family member afflicted by the mental deterioration, that it affects more than just that person.

“My God, the pain and the suffering that the caregiver…” she says, trailing off,  “they give so much of themselves, trying to help.  It takes a toll.”