One side of a duplex on Anson Drive in Iroquois Falls has been damaged by a late morning fire.

Deputy fire chief Kirk Hilts says the call came in just before eleven o’clock for 31 Anson Drive — not far from the fire station.

“Our first sense was seeing the smoke coming out the stack on the roof,” says Hilts, “ so we knew it was a bottom fire.  So we sent a crew into the basement and found some flames on the northwest wall.”

No one was hurt.  The tenant – Kyle Lund – tells us he was playing outside with his son when he heard the smoke alarms.  The smoke was too heavy for him to get back in.

31 Anson Dr., Iroquois Falls, May 10, 2019. Photo credit: Jesse Cybolsky, The Enterprise

Reporter Jesse Cybolsky asked Hilts about injuries and a cause.

“Nobody was hurt in the fire.  All the firefighters are good.  The tenant had lost a pet,” said Hilts.

Cybolsky: “Is there any idea yet of the cause?”

Hilts: “No, still undetermined yet.”

The cat the deputy refers to is a cat.