If you’ve been out on the highway lately – especially at night – you’ve probably seen bears or moose beside the road,  maybe even on the road.

OPP Const. Michelle Simard has some advice on how to avoid a collision with one of the big animals.  She starts by saying to reduce distractions: keep your eyes on the road.

“Wear your seatbelt, of course.  Use your headlights. Make sure they’re clean, make sure your windshield’s clear of any debris or dirt.  Slow down, especially at night.  The animals are dark furred.  You won’t see them until the last minute,” Simard warns.

The officer also cautions you to scan the ditches.  That’s where the animals get water and salt, and could wander onto the travelled portion.

One more important point for night driving: don’t drive so fast, you overdrive your headlights.

“By the time your brain actually sends a signal to your feet to slow down, there’s a significant amount of time that has passed there,” Simard remarks. “ So if the speed limit’s 80 or 90, we suggestion that you drive that, and that’s the best way to avoid a collision.”