Local artists’ renditions of some of the masters will be on exhibit in the gallery of the Cochrane Public Library for the entire month of May.

They belong to a new group called “Artistic Endeavors” that study the work and styles of some of the masters… and then try to duplicate the works and incorporate those techniques into their own art.

Member Dianne Bradley says the art on display will be on more than canvases on the gallery walls..

“Maude Lewis painted on anything she could get her hands on,” Bradley explains. “They were very poor.  So there’s a little stool, there’s a clay model of Maude Lewis standing in her doorway.  There’s trays, there’s wicker baskets, there’s so many different items that we’ve worked on.”

A silent auction is a feature of the exhibit.

“We’re going to auction off a lot of our items to raise funds for the gallery,” says Bradley. “There’s a new floor and we want to help pay for the new walls that are going in.  A hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the library.”

The exhibit has its official opening this coming Thursday afternoon, and runs until May 29th.