The CEO of the three hospitals in our area still isn’t sure how much, but Paul Chatelain does know that they’ll get a bit more money than last year from the provincial budget.

The CEO of the MICS group figures it will likely be 1.0% or 1.5%.

“We do know it’s going to be an increase – a slight increase,” he comments. “Our expenses as corrected, typically they go up about four or five percent but they’ve been doing that for many, many years now.”

All parties that ran in last year’s Ontario election spoke about eliminating hallway medicine… but Chatelain says it’s not really an issue at the hospitals in Cochrane… Iroquois Falls and Matheson.

“We’re certainly not busting like Timmins or Sudbury,” says Chatelain.  “So it will help a long way, but again, we don’t know the level of revenues being given to those hospitals”.

MICS operates Anson General Hospital in Iroquois Falls, Lady Minto in Cochrane and Bingham Memorial in Matheson.