Fundraising is ongoing right across the Northeast, to help pay for costs associated with life-saving surgery in Delaware for six-year-old Robin Fortier of Connaught.  And his supporters have a bit more time to reach their $50,000 goal.

Robin’s mom – Tina Lachapelle —  says she’s still waiting to hear from OHIP, with word on how much it will pay.

Robin has a rare form of dwarfism that causes his spine to twist.  Without the surgery, his oxygen supply could be cut off, or he could be paralyzed.  That’s now scheduled for October, which seems like a long time.

“I asked the surgeon that too, because they initially said it was urgent and we had to get it done.  He says it us urgent, but is it an emergency? No.

“If we watch over him, make sure he doesn’t take any big drastic falls to move anything, then we will be fine, he says, but not to postpone it any later than October,” she reports.

Click here to get to the facebook group with details on all the fundraising projects, including a breakfast this coming Sunday in Connaught.