The organizer of a bi-weekly free soup kitchen in Iroquois Falls is happy with the first session, and looking forward to even more people to feed this coming Friday.

March 15th was the first day for the soup kitchen.  Sonia Gervais says there were about eight patrons —  not bad for the first time.

She says she’s still working to get the word out.

“We’re trying to spread it on facebook and stuff like that and now we have like a sandwich board outside on the main street so that people can also see that as well,” Gervais comments.

She’s hoping that more people come this time, be it to help spread the budget, or for companionship over a good meal

“They’re more than welcome to come out,” she comments.  “We’re glad to serve them a nice  bowl of soup, a dessert and some sandwiches.  It’s not just soup, it’s actually sandwiches and a dessert as well.  The soups are always hearty and they always will be.  We’re not going to serve any brothy kind of soups, you know? (laughs).”

The soup kitchen operates every second Friday between 12:00pm and 1:00pm at The Hub on Cedar Ave., just off Main St.