The battle continues, to get the Doug Ford government to back down on its plan to revamp how treatment is funded for autistic children.

A massive rally on the lawn of the Ontario legislature on Thursday brought out adults and the people who treat their kids.  They say the new funding formula is entirely inadequate.

Timmins New Democratic MPP Gilles Bisson was in the crowd, where he spoke to two therapists.  One of them told him about the difference that treatment can make.

“Right now, I’ve had a kid from Day 1 who can’t speak to me who now is having full conversations and can say ‘I need help.’” she said. “ They’re not going to be able to say this when this is all said and done.”

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The behavioural therapists are worried that within a few months, they’ll lose their jobs, because parents won’t be able to afford the treatments.

“These kids are going to be thrown into the class with no one-to-one support.  They’ve (the government) already tried to tell the school boards they need to freeze the hiring process.  There will be no more hands-on for your kid.”

They say that means the children won’t learn basic life skills or communication skills.