Iroquois Falls has not one, but two brand new skating ovals in its main ball park.  They opened just in time for this past long weekend.

Recreation director Brian Finner says the ovals are already attracting rave reviews.

“It wasn’t something that was too unrealistic to do for us because we were able to facilitate it right behind the arena,” Finner points out. “Our ice resurfacer can go outside, basically flood the oval and we can use that and it’s very cost-efficient at that point because it’s literally right there.”

Finner says he’s proud of the rinks because they promote recreation, family activities, and a healthy lifestyle.

Photo credit: Darcy Cybolsky, The Enterprise

“And this is something that we want to keep going for the future,” he adds. “We wanted to really test the waters per se and see what our feedback would be like, and so far, it’s only been positive and something that we’re really excited about.  We’re very proud to offer this for the community and surrounding area.”

There’s no charge to skate on the ovals, and the ball park lights are on for night skating between 6:00pm and 10:00pm.

Finner says the same basic rules apply as the ones for public skating inside the arena.