The   Iroquois Falls Winter Carnival Committee is out beating the bushes, delivering sponsorship packages to local businesses.

One of the co-chairs of the 13th annual carnival, Darcy Cybolsky, says the committee needs money to make it a success.

“What we try to do is make the events free for kids, or as low cost as possible, a big community kind of event,” he explains.

Co-chair Tory Delaurier says the carnival has cost about $16,000 the past few years.  This year, it will be closer to $19,000.  One reason: partnering with a Southern Ontario company to bring back a marquee event, the demolition derby.

 “To do demolition derby it costs us $2,500 this year as an initial fee,” Delaurier tells My Cochrane Now Dot Com. “Then next year it goes up to roughly $4,500 to get them in, because we need insurance.”

The carnival runs during March break… from March 7th to 17th.