As you continue to dig your yard out of the two big snowfalls last week, the fire prevention officer at the Iroquois Falls Fire Department has a couple of safety concerns.

Tyler Mongeon says make sure the vents on the side of the house are clear of snow and ice.  They are the exhaust for your furnace, water heater or any other gas-burning appliance.

“They want to ensure that the vents for those appliances are well cleared out.  This will help to avoid any build-up of carbon monoxide in the homes,” says Mongeon.

It is also important to keep your natural gas meter clear, to avoid any breaks that result in gas leaks.

While you’re at it, Mongeon hopes you help the fire department and your neighbours… by ensuring that nearby fire hydrants are dug out. It can help firefighters responding to a blaze.

“Their first priority is to ensure that the fire is being taken care of,” Mongeon points out, “and sometimes when we’re having this amount of snow, the hydrants get buried and our crews have to take a little bit of extra time at the beginning to clear those hydrants out, so they can be used.”

As Mongeon notes, at a time like that, seconds are critical.