Cochrane Public Library CEO Christina Blazecka (blah-ZECK-ah) confirms that the library could be faced with a funding cut in the 2019 municipal budget: “It has been suggested to council that the library be cut by $50.000.”

Blazecka calls that a substantial amount.

We’d be looking at cutting back our service hours to the community for sure; possibly cutting staff hours,” she worries. “That would mean less new material for our community, less programming, it would be a snowball effect.”

The library board and staff hope to meet with the council, to outline how the library operates. “We’d like them to be able to make informed decisions.  That way there they’d have better insight into what we do here at the library,” says the CEO.

Blazecka agrees that that’s especially important, because all council members are first-termers.  She adds that the library didn’t get a chance to make a presentation during council orientation sessions.