On the surface at least, it’s a win-win for the three hospitals operated by the MICS group.

Honeywell Solutions has developed a comprehensive energy renewal program for Anson General in Iroquois Falls, Lady Minto in Cochrane, and Matheson’s Bingham Memorial.  The company is guaranteeing the cost to implement it, as well as the money it will save every year.

Hospital CEO Paul Chatelain says the money saved will be reinvested in hospital facility and operations upgrades.

“We’re replacing our steam dryers with gas-fired dryers;” he explains,” replacing and upgrading our steam sterilizers; just even things like new technology in terms of car plug controls for your block heater; water efficiency plumbing, etc., so we’re pretty excited about this.”

While saving money to reinvest into the hospitals, the exercise will also reduce their carbon footprints.

“We’re addressing a needed renewal of our hospital program through a fiscal and environmental responsible program,” the CEO notes. “ So we need to make some upgrades to generate some savings that will basically be reinvested in our plant.”

Presentations to explain the program to hospital staff and the public are set for February 28th in Matheson and Iroquois Falls, and Cochrane on March 1st.