The federal government is moving to tighten the rules on advertising vaping products, getting closer to those that apply to tobacco.

The health ministry is concerned about how many young people are taking up vaping – using so-called “electronic cigarettes” that vaporize whatever substance in them.  The vapour – or steam – is then inhaled.

Porcupine Health Unit public health nurse Stephanie Gravel says while long-term health effects aren’t yet known, vaping does expose the user to harmful chemicals.

“Many e-juices do contain nicotine,” she notes,” which is a very highly addictive chemical.  Therefore, people using them are at risk of becoming addicted and physically dependent.”

Photo credit: Bob McIntyre, Moose FM

Gravel says there is also an apparent trend in which young people switch from vaping to smoking.

“To quit vaping, the same principles would apply to quitting smoking,” she says, “mainly because you are quitting the same addictive component, which is nicotine.”