The initiative to establish a dog park in Iroquois Falls is moving ahead, but without the two town councillors who have been spearheading it.

At a meeting Tuesday  night, Tory Delaurier and Darcy Cybolsky  told the small crowd that they can best support it at the council table.  If they belong to the community committee, voting at council would be a conflict of interest. They also cite their responsibilities as councillors and co-chairs of the Iroquois Falls Winter Carnival.

Iroquois Falls town councillor Tory Delaurier. Photo credit: Tory Delaurier/Facebook

Delaurier says others have indicated interest in running the committee.

 “There’s people that are interested,” he says, “ but they want to wait ‘til everybody’s at that big meeting that we’re having on the 28th of February and having an executive formed there.”

That February 28th meeting is at 6:30pm in the multi-purpose room at the arena.

Iroquois Falls town councillor Darcy Cybolsky. Photo credit: Darcy Cybolsky/Facebook

Cybolsky says the current committee has identified four potential dog park sites, and started discussions about cost and fundraising.

Delaurier sees the dog park as a solution to a precaution earlier this week from the OPP, about dogs running loose.

“People are letting their dogs walk around without a leash on,” he notes,” and so hopefully they’ll just use a dog park and do it there.”


  • Field behind Northern Veterinary Hospital and Home Hardware
  • Top of former ski hill on Cemetery Rd.
  • Next to main ball park
  • Beside Massicotte Arms on Circle Place