Provincial police in Iroquois Falls have a friendly reminder for dog owners.  Constable Michelle Simard says you have to keep your dog tied up… or at least in your own yard.

“We do get the odd call and before it becomes a problem, we’d like to nip it in the bud.”

Simard says that means you can’t allow your dog to be at large.  And the big thing: It can’t be in someone else’s yard.

“We always want to remind people that it’s the dog owner’s responsibility to take precautions to prevent them from biting, attacking people or other dogs,” she says, “ or behaving in a manner that poses a threat to other people while they’re walking their dogs.”

That reminder raises the point that animal control is not an OPP matter, but one for the town’s bylaw department.

“Iroquois Falls does have bylaw,” Simard acknowledges. “But we get the calls, so for us, we would just like to do our part to remind the residents they should be keeping their dogs in their yards.”