The updated Canada Food Guide released by the federal health ministry on Tuesday gets a healthy endorsement from dietitians at the Porcupine Health Unit.

Dietetic intern Amy Boucher calls it a great change based on current evidence, and is simple and easy to use.

“It highlights that eating well is not just about what we eat,” Boucher analyzes. “ It’s about who we eat it with, how our food is being made, being mindful of our eating habits and being aware that how food marketing can influence the choices we make.”

The old rainbow highlighting four food groups has been replaced by a plate.  Half of it is covered with fruits and vegetables; one-quarter with protein foods, and the other quarter with whole-grain foods.  Boucher says those proportions are ideal.

“Some interesting changes within the guide include making water your drink of choice and replacing sugary drinks with water, which I think is great,” she says.

Milk and other dairy products don’t have their own category anymore.  They’re included with meat and other protein foods.