The roar of engines. The smell of exhaust The crunching of metal on metal in the winter air. All of that together might take you back to when Iroquois Falls had a demolition derby during its winter carnival.

It’s being revived after at least 30 years, at noon on Sunday, March 17th.

Town councillor Colin Kennedy is the promoter/producer of the derby, with his family’s company, Edge Motorsports.

“It’s such a huge draw, Kennedy notes. “ People love the action.  People love to see the cars smash and we run a safe event, so people want to see people going back to work on Monday, too.”

Anyone who’s 16 and has a valid driver’s licence can enter a car into the derby – regardless of gender.

“Years ago, they used to segregate men and women and they used to put women in an event they called the powder puff,” Kennedy recalls, “but probably about 15 years ago, somebody decided that probably wasn’t such a good and politically correct idea anymore.”

All the smashing action is set for noon on Sunday, March 17th in the snow dump off the south end of d’Iberville Avenue.

Click here for information on entering the demolition derby and what is required in terms of modifications to a car.