Dawn Monroe is ready to move on from her lifelong hobby of collecting stamps.  But on the way, she hopes to help revive the former Cochrane Stamp Club. She says that as older members died and younger members of the Cochrane Stamp Club went off to do other things, the club became dormant.

The former owner of a website called “Famous Canadian Women on Stamps” calls stamp collecting a hobby that anyone can pursue on their own.

“There’s no end to the things that you can learn,” she enthusiastically states, “and if you want, you can search online for what the stamps are all about.”

Monroe does not intend to be part of a revived stamp club in Cochrane.

“That time’s passed,” she concedes, “but I still have a box of stuff here that (we used) for the original meetings, and whoever wants to start it, I’ll start them off with that.”

If you’re interested, you can contact here on her facebook page: www.facebook.com/dawn.e.monroe