Noise complaints about snowmobiles on OFSC trails in our region have police out enforcing the law prohibiting the use of modified exhaust systems that make that noise.

OPP Const. Gino Nolet is part of the enforcement  initiative, in response to noise complaints from people living near trails, or who allow their land to be used as part of the trail system.

“They are legal if you’re going to use them on your private property or on a racing track,” notes Nolet.  “Those are the only exceptions (where) you can use them.”

OPP Const. Gino Nolet. Photo credit: Bob McIntyre, Moose FM

Police agencies across our region say they’ll be out for the rest of the winter, weekends and weekdays, nabbing users of the modified mufflers.

“The law is under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act,” says Nolet. “ Basically, you get a fine, provincial offence, $110.”

Up for debate between the police officers and snowmobilers is whether a modified exhaust provides any benefits, such as increased power.


  • 24 for modified exhaust systems
  • 3 for failing to have an OFSC trail permit
  • 1 document-related