A huge load has been removed from the shoulders of former Timmins Councillor Rick Dubeau.

Two municipal corruption charges against Dubeau have been dropped.

He’s quick to note that Friday was a good day.

“Very good day. Vindication.”

Crown Attorney Wayne O’Hanley says there was no hope of a conviction.

Dubeau was charged in September 2017 with corruption of a municipal official. and breach of trust by a public officer.  It was alleged that he asked Goldcorp to buy his Schumacher home, which he wanted to sell because of dust and noise at nearby Goldcorp operations.

Two Goldcorp officials reported that Dubeau offered preferential treatment for the mining company, in dealings with the city.  But the Crown Attorney says there is no solid evidence of that.

Dubeau maintained his innocence all along, and agrees with O’Hanley’s assessment that there was no chance of conviction.

“And I agreed to a stipulation whereas there could have been perception of a conflict of interest, Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, that I should have advised Council of my discussions with Goldcorp.”

Dubeau credits his lawyers, Luc Maisonneuve and Ben Dawkins, with helping his family get through the ordeal of the charges over his head.

“This has been a very trying time for me and my family,” he says. “We wouldn’t have gone through this for almost a year and a half if we didn’t think this would be the ultimate result.”