January 25th is the deadline for organizations to apply for federal funding under the Summer Jobs for Youth program.

“This is a program that’s really, really been good in our region,” says Charlie Angus, MP for Timmins-James Bay (NDP).

Angus says groups like the YMCA, Science Timmins, municipalities and museums have benefitted from the program, and the young people they hire benefit from the work experience.

The biggest part of the application is explaining the project, and what the student workers will do.

 “You’re not getting a student unless you have a plan,” according to Angus. “ But it if meets the criteria — and there’s going to be a lot of organizations putting in — but if it’s a good project, it’s got a really good chance of getting in and then you have a paid summer student.”

As Member of Parliament, Angus has input into which projects are approved, where in the riding, and the number of jobs.

“My focus is making sure as many of the organizations and as much of the region as possible get covered.  We’ve got a great relationship with the officials who do this.”