Last September, 27-year-old Kirsten Jurek was diagnosed with a serious and inoperable brain tumor.

She grew up in Cochrane and Iroquois Falls and now lives near Cochrane. The once healthy and energetic young woman who drove truck for a living has suffered a series of seizures and has had to give up her career.  She says her husband is working two jobs to make ends meet, and she’s trying to generate extra dollars to cover their massive medical expenses.

“So now I bake doggie treats,” Jurek says, “and keep busy as best I can.  And I do Candles for Cancer, it’s Charmed Aroma candles.”

“I have a GoFundMe page set up through my mother, Kathy Hill.  If you looked up Kathy Hill on Facebook, she has a page on there for me set up.”

And a Timmins born and raised comedian is kicking in with support next Thursday night at the Empire Theatre in Cochrane.

“The Empire reached out to me and wanted to give all proceeds to my cause.  Derek Edwards is coming to town, who is a Canadian comedian who is world-known.  He’s hilarious.”

Kirsten and her husband live some distance outside Cochrane.  With her husband working two jobs and Kirsten no longer able to drive due to tumor-related seizures… she could use a hand with occasional rides to town.  If you think you might be able to help, her phone number is 705-262-3112.

With files from Tim Rout