Snow removal contractors call snow “white gold”.

Cochrane-based Yves Genier and Sons Contracting does excavation work in the summer and private snow removal in the winter.

We spoke to Jean-Yves Genier at noon hour Tuesday.  In the wake of the storm during the day and overnight Monday, he and his workers had about 60 driveways and parking lots to clear, but they weren’t complaining.

“It was slow in December,” he said “ Now, a storm like today, it helps.”

That’s the winter version of farmers making hay while the sun shines in the summer.

“The guys start around two in the morning,” says Genier. “Past 3:00pm, if there’s still some to do, some other guys take over.”

Genier feels bad for municipal snowplow operators.  He says dealing with snowfall like the latest one sometimes means that clearing one road only blocks another.