An organization in Iroquois Falls to bring artists together, give them a place to work with each other, and to exhibit their art is in its infancy.

The Ansonville Art Club grew out of a desire for just that, by several artists in the Falls.  Director Jesse Cybolsky says a meeting with the Northern Ontario Art Association resulted in the NOAA expressing a desire to revive the defunct Iroquois Falls Art Club.

“And that’s sort of the start of the art club,” according to Cybolsky, “and we’ve been working with the Iroquois Falls Arts Council as well as the NOAA to sort of start this brand new club.”

The club already has its own work space and gallery, upstairs at the Lions Den on Church Street, and is working with the Iroquois Falls Arts Council.

“That’s also another organization that’s been recently revived,” says Cybolsky, “to try and bring more arts and culture and facilitate more of that in Iroquois Falls.  It’s also a pretty cool organization that’s recently been revitalized.”

Membership in the art club also gives you membership in NOAA, and a chance for your work to be part of a travelling exhibit.

Treasuer Anya Cybolsky says the local club wants to provide artists with the ability to work on projects together, among other activities.

“We want to start going out on field trips and either drawing or painting,” she comments, “doing things as a group that you wouldn’t normally do on your own.”