The end of the Christmas-New Year’s holidays also means the end of outdoor activities like skating, except for evenings and weekends.

This weekend, we caught up with the Lacelle family on an outdoor rink

Grandmother, mother and three granddaughters were enjoying the exercise.

Seven-year-old Hayley is a novice skater, who is honest about how she’s doing on the blades: ”Not that well.”

My Cochrane Now Dot Com:  “How are you liking it so far?”

“Really good.”

“Why do you want to learn how to skate?”

“Cuz I want to skate with my family.”

And then there’s six-year-old Abygail, who can leave anyone in her snow dust.  She says she first learned to skate slowly.

“And after when I practice to skate slow, now I practice to go fast,” she reports.

“What’s the hardest part about skating? “

“Umm (pauses) “



It’s been a frustrating season, with varying ice conditions due to the freeze-thaw cycle we’ve experienced.  Grandmother Carole Lacelle won’t complain about ice conditions, though.

“It’s a bit rough, but it’s doable,” she remarks. “ All in all, it’s good.  We’re making the best of it.”

Lacelle says her family also took advantage of indoor skating over the holidays.