Two days to go before the deadline to raise enough money for the fifth annual Scottie’s Fireworks in Iroquois Falls on New Year’s Eve, there’s good news from Scott McKinnon’s dad, Tim.

”Everything’s a go!”

Scottie McKinnon loved fireworks.  He died on Boxing Day, 2014 of a fentanyl overdose.  Five days later, his family and friends staged the first fireworks show in his honour, on what would have been his 27th birthday.

And while the family is excited and appreciative at the $2,000 fundraising mark, Tim McKinnon says he’d like to see that grow to $3,000 by the time he has to place the order for the fireworks on Friday.

“We’re looking to make the show the best that it can,” McKinnon explains. “ So every dollar counts and yes, if we can reach $3,000 it’ll be there again a better show.”

”We’re looking forward to a great night and a lot of smiles on kids’ faces.”

The fifth annual Scottie’s Fireworks show goes at 7:00pm New Year’s Eve. This week, town council granted permission to again use the main ballpark.