For the past seven years, a Grade 3/4 teacher in Cochrane has been teaching her classes that it’s better to give than receive… with an activity that is now a local tradition.

Jones and her class from Aileen Wright English Catholic School spent about two hours Monday morning, handing out 200  candy canes in downtown Cochrane, wishing people Merry Christmas.

“I like to teach (my students) about charity work and giving back to the community and not expecting anything in return and just seeing the smiles on people’s faces.”

“I’ve actually had people call the school to ask if I was going to do it again,” Jones explains. “It just brings such joy to the students and such joy to the people receiving the candy caanes that it’s priceless.  We have to do it.”

The 3/4 class also staged a Baby Jesus donation drive.  Students collected baby needs that will be brought on Wednesday to the Cochrane Food Bank.

Jones says both activities clearly demonstrate that it’s better to give than receive.