Since debuting on facebook less than two years ago, the group page “Historic Northern Ontario” has exploded to a membership of more than 10,000 people.

And founder Richard Lamoureux is looking for more memories, in the form of old photos and videos.

“What we do know,” he says, “is that a lot of people in the older families used to keep their photos in shoe boxes or treasure chests and some in closets and the attics. People don’t bother looking at them and there’s probably some amazing treasures to be found.  If these people don’t know how to get it to us or get them online, we can help them out.”

Lamoureux says the group tries to tell stories with its posts, be they scenic shots or old family photos.  Even if you’re not sure what the photo is about… as long as it was taken in the North, posting it could provide some answers.  Lamoureux says one post was a photo of a father beside a car with his family.

Michaud children, Val Gagné, 1937. Photo credit: John Geoghegan/Historic Northern Ontario

“Some of the kids did not see this picture before.  Then all of a sudden, they see their father in this picture.  They couldn’t believe it.  So, you know, it brings back a lot of memories and that’s what our site’s about.”

The only real requirement is that the post deals with the area north of Parry Sound and Mattawa, and between the Québec and Manitoba borders.

You can connect with the group by searching “Historic Northern Ontario” on facebook.