Talk about a major boost for the cause!

From 6:00am until 6:00pm Friday, Moose FM Cochrane and Iroquois Falls were on the air live, raising money towards portable digital X-ray machines for the hospitals in Cochrane, the Falls and Matheson.

Just after 3:00pm, an expected major boost happened.  Moose FM morning man and Lady Minto Hospital board chair Pat Dorff recount it.

Rout: “Somebody walked through the door. Her name was Pat Morin.

Dorff: “She was with Lifeline.  And I’m here to tell you, people, listen very, very closely: We just got $21,000!”

Rout: “That’s not our daily total.  That’s the donation.”

Dorff: “That’s one donation.”

That donation raised the total three-fold at that time.

The final total at 6:00pm was $32,300.

One of the state of the art X-ray machines costs $100,000.