Cochrane and its economy have been blessed over the years… with major employers such as Ontario Northland, two lumber mills and several government agencies.

Mayor Denis Clement – sworn in for his first term as the head of council Tuesday night – says that’s no reason for complacency.

“Absolutely not.  We need to attract more business if we can.  I think the agricultural sector is just on the verge of having an explosion, and we want to be in the forefront with that.”

Cochrane Mayor Denis Clement. Photo credit: Town of Cochrane

In his inaugural address, Clement outlined some immediate priorities, including infrastructure improvements, especially in rural areas.

”Such as roads, maintenance, ditching,” he tells  “I know there was a good program on the books but we’d like to maybe speed it up some more or implement a little bit more, all depending on what the budget looks like and what council’s direction will be.”

The mayor and one councillor are the only ones around the table with any actual council experience.  But he is confident that as a group, they’ll be able to keep moving the Rail Town ahead.