People of all ages are supporting the Moose FM Caring Communities Radiothon, which airs live all day Friday.

We hope to raise one-hundred-thousand dollars towards portable X-ray machines at all three hospitals that belong to the MICS group — in Cochrane, Iroquois Falls and Matheson

Seventeen-year-old Breanne Workman of Cochrane is a big fan of the cause.  She has a seizure disorder that causes her to fall, frequently dislocating her shoulder.  That makes it painful to move.

“It’d be great to have the portable X-ray machine,” she says.” I’d be laying there and the machine can just come to me and take X-rays and I wouldn’t be in pain so much.”

Breanne has done co-op placements at the Cochrane hospital, in all departments.

“The X-ray room is one of the ones that we need to update.  Again, this portable machine would be fantastic, so please donate.”

Breanne will some day be on the other side of the X-ray machine, using one.  She’s planning to get an education as a medical radiation technologist.

The Caring Communities Radiothon airs from 6:00am to 6:00pm Thursday.