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golfers to benefit from new northern-southern partnership

The  Northern Golf Association is driving back to the future… partnering again, after a two-decade absence, with its southern counterpart, Golf Ontario.

NGA director Owen Rigg says the partnership means more access to programs for golfers across Northeastern Ontario, and easier qualifying for tournaments down south.

He says being apart from Golf Ontario was as if the Northern Ontario Hockey Association wasn’t part of the Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada.

“As you can see,” Rigg comments, “that would be kind of difficult to keep programming going properly and making golf really attainable for a lot of people in regards to programming and tournament qualification and bringing people into the game.”

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Northern golfers can now qualify for southern tournaments, without the time and expense of travelling to qualifying events down south.

Rigg salso ays sustaining the game is proving to be difficult.

“Which is something that golf is really struggling with at this point of time across the country, and this is where a lot of direction is going.  So we’re really excited about those elements, more than even the competitive stuff.”

The NGA has been around since 1926, and has a northern amateur championship tournament every summer.

More information on golf across the North is available at and on facebook, on the Northern Golf Association page.

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