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Universite de Hearst Recognizing Further College Credits

A new partnership has been formed between a pair of Northern post-secondary institutions.

The agreement signed between College Boreal and Universite de Hearst will see college credits achieved at Boreal become recognized academic credits at the University.

President of College Boreal Daniel Giroux and Vice-President of Universite de Hearst Marc Bedard met in Sudbury for the official signing of the six new articulation agreements.

College Boreal Director of Kapuskasing Campus Michelle Lebel says through this students can enjoy both the hands-on and theoretical learning approaches this way.

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“They can enjoy a placement within the community where they are learning more of a practical side at College for two years, and then to be able to transfer to University and get more of the theory behind it makes alot of sense.”

Universite de Hearst Communications Manager Nancy Jacques says they believe that both forms of education are a plus.

“We do believe that both training and both forms of education is a plus definitely. The more practical one, the more theoretical one, and have a student experience what they’re learning more than just learning it from their books and large auditoriums.”

With the agreements, students in any of the six programs; Business Administration, Bookkeeping, Social Services, Police Services and Peace and Conflict Studies can complete their education at Universite de Hearst.

Students can do so by following models known as 2+2, 2+1, 3+1 and 3+2 which represent the years spent at either school to earn an Ontario College Diploma and a University Degree.

120 articulation agreements have been signed to date by College Boreal, and this is the eighth out of ten times the institution has been Universite de Hearst.

Photo of Articulation Agreement signing between College Boreal and Universite de Hearst
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