The Polar Bear Riders Snowmobile Club is putting out a call for volunteers.

The snowmobile club says it has been very busy lately with an increase in sledding traffic, which is good, but it’s putting a strain on the current small group of helpers. The club says it needs help with current trail operations including grooming, building ice bridges, help with the repair and maintenance of groomers, storage of firewood in shelters and monitoring of trail conditions.

It says it is also looking for more community members to step up and take leadership roles. A post online states “currently, only the four minimum positions are currently filled. With respect to future seasons, we will need help with bookkeeping, installing signs, cutting firewood, and so on.”

The club says these snowmobile trails bring a lot of people to the town over the winter, and they need to be maintained in order to keep that traffic coming.

It says if you help out, you are invited to the club’s AGM tonight starting at 7:00pm at the Best Western. The club adds you can also message its Facebook page or stop by the shop at 92 Second Street.