Mayor candidates are telling you why they should be elected.

The Cochrane Board of Trade held a mayoral debate last night at the Tim Horton Event Centre. Candidates discussed what they would do as mayor and some questions from the audience. Some topics discussed include adding diversity and arts to Cochrane, bylaws for motorized scooters and rural roads.

Here are some of the platforms for the candidates:

Denis Clement says he hopes to work with a united council. Clement says he will bring governance to the table because he has years of experience as a manager. He says he aims to bring honesty, transparency and a new viewpoint to the council table. He says debt in the city does matter and it’s time for a change getting back on track for prosperity. Clement says he wants to create a rural committee and plan to bring better infrastructure to those areas. He says he wants to bring Indigenous communities, rural areas and Cochrane together to promote the town as a gateway hub.

Lawrence Martin says he is running for mayor because he wants to share all the good things he has learned in his life. Martin says he is happy with what is happening in Cochrane, but more can be done to make it better. He says he wants you to tell him what Cochrane needs. He says he wants to work with the Indigenous communities, create more jobs, and work on mental health, addiction and housing issues.

Peter Politis says Cochrane has changed its thinking to be more modern and progressive. Politis says he wants to work to keep this ball rolling. He says Cochrane has recently done a lot of work on things like infrastructure, revitalizing Commando Lake and making the Polar Bear Habitat known worldwide. Politis adds that being a mayor is a serious role that affects thousands of people’s lives. He says Cochrane needs to look onward and upward to keep modernizing and growing.

You will be able to cast your ballots for mayor on Monday.